An open box of Stethocap stethoscope covers with an opening removed from the top of the box with disposable covers loosely filling the box


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Our Disposable line of products is perfect for ISOLATION CARTS!!


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Disposable SLEEVE

A flyer for Stethocap disposable Sleeve product with the bullet points. -fits all stethoscope makes and models  -Physicians can use their own stethoscopes -easy to use -dispose in normal trash - reduces cross contamination when used properly - one time use- latex free -excellent accustics -does not interfere with equipment - cost effective - Allowing ear placement without touching the bare stethoscope  -non woven cloth there is also a picture of a doctor with a stethoscope around his neck covered by a stethocap sleeve and a hand holding a stethocap box that says disposable stethoscope sleeves. there is also a picture of a stethoscope wrapped around a Stethocap sleeve to show size. also pictured is the Stethocap Mascot Stethy who is a stethoscope  with gym shoes and a face inside the ends that fit into your ears and floating hands with the caption Protecting us all.

The Disposable product is packaged 50 per Bag

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Just $52.00 per 50!

Disposable  Sleeve part number: SLEEVE



Perfect for Isolation Carts or any other place a one time one use cover would be ideal


Stethocap™ is the Ideal Stethoscope Sleeve 

  • Fits ALL stethoscopes
  • Physicians can use their personal stethoscopes
  • Superior alternative to disposable stethoscopes
  • Hypo-Allergenic and Latex-Free
  • Contours perfectly with the Stethoscope Diaphragm to provide Excellent Acoustics Response
  • Non Woven Cloth
  • Quick and Simple to Affix and Use
  • Disposable as Ordinary Waste



Stethocap™ is Cost-Effective and Promotes a Positive Message to Patients
and to Health Care Staff

  • Provides Visible Evidence

Pictured is a stethoscope next to a Stethocap Sleeve Stethocap Sleeve box with sleeves both inside and outside the box with an opening at the top of the box with a sleeve hanging out of it.